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Introducing the Complete Wealth Management System

Do you have all your eggs in one basket? Astute investors understand that prudence requires we “spread our risk around” as we also “spread our opportunities around!”

Introducing the Complete Wealth Management System to help you manage and maximize your portfolios in these asset classes:

Trend following software helps you know which markets are trending the strongest NOW; where to focus your investment activities today, this week, or even this hour for day traders. These algorithms were originally developed in 2005 to model the trend following techniques that legendary trader Richard Dennis taught “the Turtle Traders” to use in the 1980’s to go on and become millionaires. No charts to read, no calculations needed on your part – just trust the numbers! You will see how simple the program is to use. The algorithms have remained in a continual phase of refinement and improvement since 2005, assuring you a great tool for success. Finally, an online financial newsletter, that updates every 15-minutes with live data!

Take any one of our modules below for a 14-day test drive for only $7; just watch the video(s) of interest, and click the link below the video to get started:


(Original Developed in 2005)


Electronically Traded Funds


Foreign Exchange Market

Futures / Commodities

PRICING and how to order, for all modules above (please watch short video):